Multi-layer self-adhesive labels

Multi-layer self-adhesive labels

Multi-layer peel and reseal labels are several labels in one and consist of up to 9 printed sides in various colours and formats. These labels can be repeatedly opened and closed with no loss of quality, and are fully water resistant. Labels can incorporate a combination of materials and are fully line-produced. In short: a multi-layer label means quicker labelling and no hiccups.

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peel and reseal label
peel and reveal label
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Multi-layer, peel and reveal labels can help you achieve optimum production flow. Labels are fully waterproof and enable multi-material applications. Multi-layer labels are produced entirely inline, and labels can be easily opened and closed with no loss of quality.


  • 9 printed pages
  • 8 colours per page
  • XS to XL formats


The Ultralayer gives you the possibility to present your product in a better way. You now get 7 filmic layers with 13 printable pages to add to your packaging. It’s the first of his kind. More pages means:

  • more space for product information;
  • more space for appealing product design in up to 10 colors;
  • and eventually a bigger chance to win the attention of your audience.

The Ultralayer label is available in every shape you wish. Small and large formats. Choosing this high-value label gives your product a high-quality look. It’s self-adhesive, water-resistant and counterfeit proof. And it includes Braille Triangle on the front page to finish it off. You really get your packaging to a higher level.

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In Etivoet, we have found a sustainable partner who can provide us with innovative labels at very attractive prices. Their multi-layer or peel and reseal labels offer all the advantages of a booklet without the disadvantages. They are water-resistant, easy to apply to the entire product range and look amazing. The Etivoet pentalabel is unique in this market and emerged as the perfect solution which we had been seeking for years.


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BvQi: ISO 9001 versie 2008 & BRC - IOP

After working for years to develop the very best self-adhesive labels in roll format, we were recently awarded an ISO 9001 certificate. In order to meet the stringent hygiene and food safety regulations of the food industry, Etivoet also has BRC certification.


Award-winning solutions

We never tire of developing innovative products and techniques, and for years we have been the pioneering company in our sector. We have full confidence in the expertise of our printers and enjoy seeking out new solutions that represent real added value for our customers. Until recently we have kept quiet about what we do. But when we decided to take part in international printing competitions, we made it to the finals of the FESPA people’s choice award and our multilayer label won a prize in the booklet labels category of the FINAT LABEL Awards. Both prizes have led to international recognition of our expertise and dedication to innovation.