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Promotional label
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Coupon label

A coupon label is a detachable coupon. Printing can be applied to the neutralized adhesive on the backing of the middle segment. At the till, this segment is torn out to function as an on-the-spot discount coupon for a specific product.

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Dry-peel label

A dry-peel label is a more refined alternative for the coupon label. In this application, a non-adhesive outer layer can be peeled away from an underlying transparent self-adhesive label. In contrast to the coupon label, the packaging retains its original appearance in this system.


Piggyback system

In the piggyback system we attach one self-adhesive label on top of another. The outer label is pre-cut into one or more strips that can be peeled away separately, for example to affix to a vaccination record book. This system is used most frequently in the pharmaceutical sector, but is also a convenient alternative for use in other sectors.



This wobbly promotional label is an ideal application to draw attention to products on the shelf. One section of the label sticks to the shelf or rack, while the rest hangs in front and will sway gently in the air. In other words, it is not attached to the product itself, but to the shelf.

food & beverage - mayonaise
DL - mayonaise

BvQi: ISO 9001 versie 2008 & BRC - IOP

After working for years to develop the very best self-adhesive labels in roll format, we were recently awarded an ISO 9001 certificate. In order to meet the stringent hygiene and food safety regulations of the food industry, Etivoet also has BRC certification.


Award-winning solutions

We never tire of developing innovative products and techniques, and for years we have been the pioneering company in our sector. We have full confidence in the expertise of our printers and enjoy seeking out new solutions that represent real added value for our customers. Until recently we have kept quiet about what we do. But when we decided to take part in international printing competitions, we made it to the finals of the FESPA people’s choice award and our multilayer label won a prize in the booklet labels category of the FINAT LABEL Awards. Both prizes have led to international recognition of our expertise and dedication to innovation.