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Industrially compostable labels

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"Drive" is our favourite word

Our knowledge, experience and innovative attitude serve a single purpose: to provide our customers with outstanding products at competitive, consistent prices. This is our mission. It is what drives us. We provide our customers with advice and hands-on help to create beautiful stickers and labels that meet their specific needs – no matter how unusual those needs may be.

Multi-layer self-adhesive labels

We produce multilayer peel-and-reseal labels with up to 7 layers (13 printable sides) in a range of colours and sizes. Labels can be opened with no loss of quality and are fully water-resistant.



As an innovative partner of a major European paper manufacturer, we are pleased to bring the new thermal medium ‘NEW TOP’ to the marketplace on an industrial scale.

Etivoet is one of the first producers of a fully certified industrially compostable label. It is just as strong and just as attractive as other labels, but more environmentally responsible. 

We proudly introduce Etivoet’s 100% VOC-free label. This exclusive label is produced using water-based ink that contains only ingredients assured to be safe for people and the environment.

“We used to use cold-glue labels. But after Etivoet produced rolls of self-adhesive labels for our application, we were able to significantly reduce the time we spend on labelling and bottling. Etivoet’s huge range of high-quality printing and finishing options is another great advantage.”

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