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Wash-off label

The patented and certified technology behind our wash-off labels ensures that our labels come off easily during bottle washing, while they remain firmly in place in other circumstances. These quality labels do not cause problems when you want to return your bottles.

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Curious to know what our wash-off labels look like?

Miel Bonduelle of BeerSelect explains why he chose Etivoet and what it was like to work together.


Don’t let the wrong labels ruin your efforts for a greener future. Our wash-off labels are designed to be easily removed during bottle washing. This allows you to fully commit to a sustainable transition, without extra effort or difficulty.


During specific circumstances, our labels come off like it’s nothing. However, outside the bottle washer, they have the same features as our other Etivoet labels: high quality labels that stay perfectly in place.

more efficient
More efficient

How many returnable bottles did you have to throw away because the labels could not be removed properly? Choose wash-off labels and go for 0% loss. Our wash-off technology guarantees a cost-efficient solution for your bottles. 

Wash off label
Wash off label
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