Product label

Product labels with exactly the right finish.

Product label

We create product labels with exactly the right finish to draw attention to your product.

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Clear label printing

In clear label printing, we print on both the front and back of a transparent label to achieve visual effects that are often truly stunning. These labels are suitable for transparent packaging only.

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Foil printing

In foil printing, a thin foil layer is applied to a label to create a very special and even extravagant effect. Extra attention is guaranteed. Etivoet uses both cold foil and hot foil techniques.

Etivoet offers a wide range of options to make your foiled labels unique:

  • An extensive choice of foil colours. Choose any colour of the rainbow, or even a hologram. Old foil, silver foil and copper foil are among the most popular options in our range.
  • Choose between glossy and mat foil.
  • Opt for one of our unique finishes to lend the ultimate personal touch to your labels for drinks and other products.

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