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About Etivoet

Founded in 1954, Etivoet is now a third-generation family business. Beginning exclusively with ticket printing, Etivoet has now developed into a leading, innovative expert in self-adhesive labels on rolls.

Expertise in printing techniques



This printing technique uses flexo plates (similar to stamps) to print colours in sequence on the chosen substrate. Printing can take place using the four standard colours (cyan, magenta, yellow, black) or by ‘stamping’ with Pantone colours.


  • Perfect for medium to high volume print runs using standard labels: lower price
  • With Panton colours, a logo can be printed in exactly the right colours
  • Best option for special applications such as glue printing, multi-layer and black mark
  • A flexographic printer is wider and faster than a digital printer


  • Installation takes longer
  • Flexo plates are costlier
  • Each print must be identical (plates print identical images)


VOC Free


VOC free printer

Digital printing

Digital printing

Digital files are prepared for printing using a computer. Ink is then applied to a photo-imaging plate (PIP), which prints the image on the substrate (paper, PE, PP or other material). This process does not use a traditional plate.

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