Industrially compostable labels

A sustainable business practice
Industrieel composteerbaar

Industrially compostable labels

Etivoet is one of the first producers of a fully certified industrially compostable label. It is just as strong and just as attractive as other labels, but more environmentally responsible. 

The materials used to make this certified industrially compostable label are guaranteed to break down under the specific conditions that occur in industrial composting installations. 

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Compost label

You can sleep easy: your industrially compostable label is in line with regulations. Each component is officially certified, from medium to glue and ink. And the result? A fully certified, reliable label.

Industrially compostable labels are ideal for use in the food industry. Here are some other labels using this technology: 

  • Beverage label
  • Custom label
  • Blank & semi-printed label
  • Product Label
  • Promotional label

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